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We help clients no matter in which stage of their project they are in. The project can be just in the level of an idea or it can be already in progress. Developers will help to migrate an existing data across content management systems or servers if you are planning to move the site.

Our team has an experience in developing, managing, migrating and maintaining complex and heavy data web-sites as well, if you are going big. PICOPANO found WordPress the best platform to build sites in. Used in more than 25% of all world wide websites, it is easy to use, flexible and straightforward to extend. If you need more statistics of WordPress market share and usage statistics you can find it in this article “Usage statistics and market share of WordPress for websites“. One of the best WordPress features is that Google loves it.

We pay huge attention to a design development process which is one of the main keys to a successful deliverable. Since we are respecting modern web design requirements for a quality and usability on all sizes and types of screens, we are developing responsive designs.

We will never forget about our existing clients therefore we offer maintenance plans for them. Our team will regularly maintain, update and make sure your site is safe and accessible for everyone.

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